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Keim – Fast Food: Just Another Name for Corn

Keim, Brandon. “Fast Food: Just Another Name for Corn” Wired Science (November 10, 2008).

Keywords: Fast Food, Corn, Agriculture

The article “Fast Food: Just Another Name for Corn” highlights a secret to one of the reasons why obesity in America comes so easy, and discreetly. Brandon Keim, a freelance science journalist, who has written MANY articles inspired by his interest in how nature, science, culture, and history all converge, has written this worthy of note article. A few of the places his work has been seen is in Adbusters,, USA Today, ABC News, Seed, Psychology Today and Nature Medicine. He’s also made broadcast appearances on NPR’s Science Friday, Talk of the Nation and Here & Now, BBC’s World Have Your Say, CBC’s As It Happens, Animal Planet and G4’s Attack of the Show. This time he writes again for explores the foundation of corn in the fast food environment, illustrating how the poor eating habits of lots of fast food gets worse. He finds that it is now scientific fact that ‘nearly every cow or chicken used in fast food is raised on a diet of corn’.

Corn has always been a large part of agriculture here in America. The Native Americans first taught us how to grow and cultivate this vegetable back when we discovered the Americas. Keim notes that today, corn is the most subsidized crop in America, which leads us to question how much money we are pouring into other, more substantial, vegetables. Keim and others criticize the production of corn and how it wastes a good amount of resources just to be more nutritional and safe to consume. Yet this is the center part of the diets used to produce the main meats you find in fast food. The meats can’t be completely nutritious, if the meat wasn’t being treated with a nutritious mindset in the first place.

This article also highlights how unaware most of America is with what they are eating, what’s really in it, and how healthy/unhealthy foods are. They also don’t know that when they buy fast food, their money goes right back to the corn industry, according to Keim, thus circulating the opportunity for obesity. Keim writes this article in hopes that awareness can be brought to the people and the government, so that steps towards less obesity in America and a healthier knowledge on what we are consuming is established. More exploration into the government workings in agriculture, what’s really going into the production of fast food.

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