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Le Tellier – Can Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution solve our obesity epidemic?

Le Tellier, A. “Can Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution solve our obesity epidemic?” Los Angeles Times.,0,3182240.story (accessed May 23, 2012).

Keywords: Obesity, America, Jamie Oliver, Food Revolution

After seeing the first episode from Jamie Oliver’s mission called Food Revolution in Huntington, West Virginia, I was interested in what others were saying about it. I came across this article that asks if his Food Revolution really can help our country’s obesity problem. The article “Can Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution solve our obesity epidemic?” was written in the LA Times three days ago, since Oliver is still doing his work around the country, and possibly, now around the world.

Alexandra Le Tellier is an editor, production manager, web content developer, writer, reporter, and blogger that has done a lot, years worth, of writings on media, news, cultural trends, entertainment. She has worked a couple of different jobs at the Los Angeles Times ever since 2003, and has also done some work at Metromix and, and have freelanced for publications including Variety and Los Angeles Magazine. Le Tellier also attended the event in which she is writing about in her article, so she was in the action and can give us accurate details. She attended a dinner party in the evening after Oliver spent the afternoon on the UCLA campus speaking in front of his “Big Rig” kitchen truck, teaching children how to cook healthy meals. At the dinner party he challenges the adults to participate in the Food Revolution as well as think of ways to expand the awareness of healthy eating.

Oliver shows that he truly cares for the future of this nation, since most of his work is inspired by the obesity numbers in children and the approaching to being the largest cause of death, Diabetes. He says in the article, “we’re losing the war against obesity in the U.S….Our kids are growing up overweight and malnourished from a diet of processed foods, and today’s children will be the first generation ever to live shorter lives than their parents.” Is this how America wants to raise the next generation? Undernourished, uninformed, unable to make healthy choices for themselves? Oliver has given up on governments, and begs for people to launch food revolutions in their own lives and help spread awareness, rather than waiting for the government to do something about it. Some American’s have been brainwashed into thinking that golden brown foods and fast foods are the way to eat, and it’s embedded into their lifestyle. Asking them to change in a country where both of these things are numerous and constantly surrounding us on billboards, in commercials, on food labels, and being eaten by our friends, is a hard task to do. However, since the opening of his show, Oliver hasn’t given up on the people, and has continued to spread awareness and call for change all over the nation. He has even declared May 19th as Food Revolution Day, which is a ‘global initiative “to inspire, educate, and empower people everywhere to stand up for real food.”’ He wants to give the people the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to eat healthily, which then empowers them to spread what they have learned to others. His effect is having an affect on other countries as well, as he notes that nearly 60 countries participated whether with dinner parties or other food-conscious events in their own communities.

If you get time, take a look at “The Weight of the Nation”, HBO’s four-part documentary on the obesity epidemic in this nation. It provides a rough view into how food and eating habits in America have changed America and will lead us down a road to increasing numbers of people with Diabetes and life cut shorter. This video is a subtle, but desperate voice crying for awareness and transformation before the obesity problem gets much worse. We can’t simply rely on the government to change everything for us. Sometimes we have to fight the war on our own, and who knows, maybe Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is that step in winning the battle.

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