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Madden and Finch – Eating in Eden

Eating in Eden: Food and American Utopias. Etta M. Madden, Martha L. Finch. Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 2006.

Keywords – America, food consumption

Madden and Finch are both professors at Missouri State, teaching communication and religion respectively. The two are highly regarded professors and together have strategically compiled 13 different essays written by various renowned authors regarding American food utopias. The consumption of food and the foodways of several different communities is analyzed and described by using three different “types” of American food utopias. Old world, communal and strategic utopias are considered in this strategic compilation of 13 different essays. It discusses the various roles that food, including rituals, traditions, preparations, consumption, etc. serves as a divide often creating “us and them”. By analyzing several different types of communities, the authors enable the readers to understand how the members of the varying communities have used foodways in order to maintain their ideals.

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