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Maloni and Brown – Corporate Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain

Maloni, Michael J., and Michael E. Brown. “Corporate Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain: An Application in the Food Industry.” Journal of Business Ethics 68 (2006): 35-52.


Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Food Industry


Michael Maloni attended Ohio State University for his Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD but now he is an associate professor as Kennesaw State University in the Coles College of Business with the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship.  Some of his research areas include corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and ethics in the supply chain.  Michael E. Brown is an associate professor of management at the Sam and Irene Black School of Business at Penn State Erie.  His expertise includes business ethics, organizational behavior, and ethical leadership.  This journal article focuses on the criticism that the food industry receives in the area of corporate social responsibility.  The authors analyze the corporate social responsibility present in the supply chain of the food industry.  A supply chain includes all of the manufactures that made even the smallest part of a finished product.  This analysis includes different areas such as fair trade, biotechnology, health and safety, and animal welfare.  A company that treats the animals exhibits good corporate social responsibility.  Maloni and Brown say that it is important for the company to exhibit good corporate social responsibility to make sure that their product is made in a way that doesn’t harm people, animals (treat them humanely), and the environment.  These actions may not be the best financially speaking, but they would be worth it both for others and for themselves if word ever leaked about their negative actions.  Companies would save more money if they naturally exhibit corporate social responsibility than if they were caught doing something morally wrong and their product was boycotted.

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