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Pelone et al – Economic impact of childhood obesity on health systems

Pelone, F. F., Specchia, M. L., Veneziano, M. A., Capizzi, S. S., Bucci, S. S., Mancuso, A. A., & … de Belvis, A. G. Economic impact of childhood obesity on health systems: a systematic review. Obesity Reviews, 13(5) (2012): 431-440.

Keywords: Childhood Obesity, Health Care, Pediatrics

This research looked at systematically examining the statistical data about the financial effects that childhood obesity has. This was not the only focus of the study, they also wanted to assess the effectiveness of different health care systems in dealing with these problems.

They conducted their study by searching the main electronic scientific databases and conducting a illness-cost analysis on those patients under 18 who had been diagnosed as overweight or obese. Ten different cost of illness analyses were used to analyze the data but the results were to heterogeneous to see a difference in the cost of illness analysis for any one type of healthcare system.

This research definitely had some limitations with not having a very effective cost of illness analysis, but this is a serious concern and the measurement tool, rather than the question seems to be the larger problem.

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