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Pope – A High Price for Healhy Food

Pope, Tara. “A High Price for Healthy Food.” The New York Times (December, 5 2007)

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Food is a priority that everyone needs to survive each day.  The sad part about it is that food has seen a drastic increase in price the last ten years. The United States has dealt with a recession that still continues to go on today. Thousands of people are losing jobs each day and many families are being left to starve. While those are both tragedies in their own right those people who are able to afford the food and becoming more obese each year.

Statistics show that around 62% of adults in America are either overweight or obese. With such of an astonishing percentage of obese Americans plaguing the U.S there has to be many factors that lead to these statistics. With food prices skyrocketing in the last ten years, it seems like Americans have put nutrition and health on the back burner to just feed their hunger. This alone has caused many of the obesity issues in the U.S

With food chains coming up with cheaper food options such as the “dollar menu” it makes those people who have less income choose fattening foods over healthy foods. This is something that I blame the U.S for, because they realize what type of recession people are in and they understand that obesity is a huge issue for Americans yet they still continue to give those with less money limited options to choose from. While those with less income have a tad bit of room for excuses the same cannot be said for those with high income.

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