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Powel et al – Exposure to Food Advertising

Powell M, Lisa. And Szczypka, Glen and Chaloupka J, Frank. “Exposure to Food Advertising on Television among US Children” Arch pediatar adolesc med/vol 161 (June 2007): 553-560.

Keywords: Advertising, Television, Children

The author’s synopsis was to determine how much of children’s exposure to commercials exposure to food advertising was. U.S overweight children have increased drastically over the past few decades. They are now exposed to more diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. They researched ages 2 through 11 to find out if food advertising is related to obesity in the United States. They sampled 224,083 children to find out if there was any relation between the two. They found that food consumption during mealtimes when watching television added to the problems. Poor food consumption during watching television is part of the obesity issue, because people are not really taking into consideration that they are digesting. One key issue that was brought up in this article was the buying power that kids have when it comes to buying food. In 2002 kids influenced 330 billion of adult spending when it came to buying food at grocery store. It shows kids are watching more and more television in today’s society that may not have a direct correlation to obesity. It is worth mentioning that that has been an increased in exposure for food advertising with US Children.

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