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Salinsky and Scott – Obesity in America

Salinsky, Eileen and Wakina Scott, National Health Policy Forum. Obesity in America: A Growing Threat. Washington, DC: The George Washington University, July 2003.

Key Words- Growing, Obesity, America

Both Salinsky and Wakina question the reason for the obesity epidemic that is showing continuous growth each year. They bring up many different topics that can contribute to obesity such as genetics and ethnical backgrounds. They state that both are valuable reasons for some of the problems, but that they believe those alone cannot explain the current obesity epidemic. The objective of this of this study was to recapitulate new programs and policies that may control the obesity issue. They also talk about the health cost that comes along with this epidemic. This study brings to the forefront many issues that plague America such as some of the current school and food stamp programs. Those programs don’t provide any nutritional benefits for the kids and the people that need financial stability. In 2003 this was a study showing the growing threat of obesity and now in 2011 the epidemic is at an all time high.

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