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Svenfelt and Carlsson-Kanyama – Farmers’ markets

Svenfelt, Asa and Carlsson-Kanyama, Annika. “Farmers’ markets: linking food consumption and the ecology of food production”. Local Environment Vol. 15 Issue 5 (June 2010): 453-465.

Keywords: farmers market, consumption, food production, urban society

This article looks at how social and ecological sustainability can be increased between consumers and the resource base. Their goal was to find signs of enhanced consumer understanding of food production resulting from local produce-urban consumer interaction. They were interested in looking at this direct link between producers and consumers in order to see if this would lead to more ecological knowledge among consumers. Studies were conducted to examine both the educational role of the local food supply as well as determining the signs of improved consumer understanding of food production due to interactions between producer and consumer. Results showed that conditions were not important, but rather the quality, price, and taste of products, as well as getting knowledge from the consumer about ways to keep their product fresh, and tips on preparation and cooking.

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