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Food, Identity, and Resistance

2014 July 2
by Frank Saunders III

Goodmorning everyone! Terrible loss yesterday, but I still believe! Ferris: I want to start of this post by asking everyone if they have ever felt the need to eat differently due to the geographic region that you live in? (i.e. eating gumbo in New Orleans, barbecue in Memphis, lobster in Maine etc.) The ‘Delta’ area of the United States is described […]

Food and Social Movement Discourse

2014 July 1

I spent last semester abroad at the University of Leicester in Leicester, England. Besides being the place that King Richard’s skeleton was found, the only thing that Leicester is famous for is its marketplace—the largest covered market in England. While this seemed unimpressive as I read about it online, my view changed completely after I […]

Response to Wednesday’s Reading

2014 June 26
by Charlotte Harnad

I found the assignment for Wednesday to be incredibly interesting and decided to post about it. It is amazing how one single episode of a television show can get you hooked. I am now binge watching Food Revolution and feel compelled to contribute in some way towards improving the awful eating habits that we have here in […]

Food and Mass Media Discourses

2014 June 26
by Robert Bamsey

Having It His Way Freeman and Merskin In the Freeman and Merskin article they discuss the role masculinity plays in the advertising of fast food meat products, and how these portrayals reinforce the gender dichotomy, gender roles,  and patriarchy in modern society.  The article discusses how meat is and historically has been associated and often […]

Food and Culture 2

2014 June 24
by Paul Mabrey
Picture from Soul Food movie, eating at the table

Soul Food and Harris’ piece “Deconstructing the Myth of the Dysfunctional Black Family in the Film Soul Food” offer us an opportunity to conclude our discussion of food and culture with reflections of our larger socio-political milieu – race, food and America. The movie Soul Food was intended, according to Harris, to offer representations of African-Americans that run counter to […]

Food and Culture

2014 June 22
by Stephen Klier II

Lifestyle Programming and Culinary Capital   The LeBesco and Naccarato text highlight the often overlooked aspect of “culinary capital” hidden within the food industry. More specifically, the idea of “lifestyle programming” is discussed and offers us many interesting, practical parallels. Lifestyle programming refers to the wave of reality television cooking shows that demonstrate the “proper” […]

Food and Identity 2

2014 June 19

War on Fat: Since roughly the year 2000, the United States has declared a “war on fat,” stamping excess weight as a “disease”, and regarding the some 68% of adults and 32% of children who are overweight to be “abnormal”. What does this mean for people who are overweight? It means that they are labeled as […]

Food and Identity Part 2!

2014 June 19

Much attention has been drawn to the increasing obesity rate in the United States. We currently have one of the highest obesity rates in the world, with 68% of adults and 32% of children qualifying as either overweight or obese. Realizing how large of a problem this is, society as a whole is beginning to […]

Response to Carolyn

2014 June 18
by Frank Saunders III

Carolyn asked us to think about a particular situation that we all had probably been in at one point in our life. I am at the age where I meet people out for ‘drinks’ and usually I am rushing from some place to meet up and am starving. However, when I arrive everyone has one […]

Sticky: Intro to Food Communication 2

2014 June 17
by Paul Mabrey
High Way Exit Food Sigh with eating establishments listed

Yesterday’s introduction to food communication treated communication and food separately, then gestured toward how we might understand them together. Our working definition of food communication might argue that those interested in food communication are individuals for whom food is an integral and necessary part of our everyday life and wish to understand how food shapes […]