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Week One

Mon June 16   Introduction to Food Communication – Paul

Tue June 17    Introduction to Food Communication 2 – Paul

Wed June 18   Food and Identity – Carolyn

Thu June 19    Food and Identity 2 – Charlotte and Alina

Fri June 20      Project 1.1

Week Two

Mon June 23   Food and Culture – Stephen

Tue June 24    Food and Culture 2 – Paul

Wed June 25   Food and Governmental Discourses – Nick

Thu June 26    Food and Mass Media Discourses – Robert

Fri June 27      Project 1.2

Week Three

Mon June 30   Food and Corporate Discourses – Paul

Tue July 1       Food and Social Movement Discourses – Maggie

Wed July 2       Food, Identity and Resistance – Frank

Thu July 3       Project 1.3

Fri July 4          No Class – America’s Birthday Holiday

Week Four

Mon July 7       Food and Globalization – Brooklyn

Tue July 8       Food and Environment – Lindsay

Wed July 9       Food and Environment 2 – Cassidy ; Project 1.35

Thu July 10     Project 1.4

Fri July 11        Project 1.4



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  1. Dr. Carrie Freeman permalink
    April 12, 2011

    I’m so glad you are teaching this class, Paul. Food is a political, social, physical, and ecological foundation to our lives, and it deserves more critical attention.

    I’m honored that you’re using my article (with Dr Merskin) on meat & masculinity in TV fast food advertising. The fact that Hardees got Miss Turkey (pageant queen) to promote their turkey burger wearing a burger-dotted bikini just proves our point.

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