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General Course Information

Course Information:

Food Communication

Meet Asynchronously Online

Instructor Information:

Name: Paul E. Mabrey III

Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 9am-10am Eastern Standard Time (EST) or by appointment


Course Materials:

Readings as assigned.

Access to two movies, Soul Food and Food, Inc. Can access via Netflix, Amazon, local library and other

Course Description:

This course will propose, consider and analyze the different relationships between communication and food and how these relationships negotiate our identities, cultures and environments. First, we discuss how each of us constitute and communicate our identities through the food we consume and importantly the food we do not consume. Second, we understand how our food choices symbolically create, shape and reflect our cultures. Third, we analyze how corporate, mainstream mass media and governmental institutions discursively frame, influence and shape our food practices. Finally, we examine how our food practices intersect, communicate and impact our relationships to our surrounding environments.

Course Prerequisites:

Nine hours of SCOM courses including SCOM 240 and one at 100 level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the symbolic importance of food in our everyday communicative practices
  • Awareness of the complicated relationships between food and communication
  • Recognize and demonstrate how food and communicative relationships implicate and are implicated by our identities, cultures, environments and varying institutional discourses
  • Identify, synthesize and extend current discussions that intersect food and communication studies
  • Apply communication theories and research methods to further the field of food studies
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