What are the social and ethical constructs on food choice?[Obama-tize]



“It is my duty to make sure the citizens of the United States aren’t going hungry”

This picture represents the ethical question of Responsibility. We have the obligation to try and keep everyone fed and avoid starvation. This influences our food choices by getting more for our money. Usually the food that is cheaper in price is less healthy than more expensive foods like fruits and vegetables. Money is a big influence on people’s food choices.


” I don’t know what is inside this burger, but it sure tastes good.”

This picture represents the ethical question of outcomes. We need to be aware of what we are eating because it is going to affect us in the future. The quote that Obama says reflects most American’s views. People need to be aware of what they are eating so they know how it is going to affect them in the future. If they are aware they are more likely to be eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables so that they can live a healthier, longer life. However, if people do not take the time to learn about what they are eating their food choices will reflect that. The food will be more likely be unhealthy which could have negative outcomes like diseases such as obesity or having heart problems due to the food.


obama three

“I’ll have whatever she’s having”

This picture represents some of the social aspects for deciding on what food an individual is going to eat and buy. It has been stated in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that it is a social norm in our society to eat what others around you are eating. So if you are eating with a group of people and they are all ordering healthier food options, you will be more likely to order something healthy as well. This is also the same for unhealthier options. This social norm of doing what others do also influences portion control. If  the person you are with seems to be eating a lot you will feel obligated to eat more as well. We have the constant desire to fit in so we will do anything to seem “normal.”





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