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Extra Credit PSC

2012 December 6
by hoganbl

Earlier tonight I went to the movie viewing and discussion of American Meat by Graham Meriwether who was the actual producer of the movie! At the beginning Graham Meriwether introduced himself and explained why he was there, and how important it is to thank our farmers because they do more than we know – and especially support our young farmers because the average age of farmers is 60 and that is bad. He also thanked all the people that made the event possible which made the environment more professional, serious and sweet. We then watched the documentary, which was interesting and very well documented. I realized how hard farmers work and it’s definitely not easy and they do not get paid enough. I was enriched by the documentary. After the documentary they had a panel discussion which included Richard who was actually in the documentary which was really cool, a man who is part of Applegate, a farmer and a lady from the farmer’s market. During the panel discussion everyone was very calm and confident. I felt engaged in their discussion because they each had dedicated their lives to being farms or working closely with farms and they were very knowledgeable about what they were talking about; each person and host was credible. I really liked how they made the last part of the event interactive because the whole rest of the event was informational so it was a good balance and added a little something extra. The farmer man when answering question, although knowledgeable, was kind of monotone and sort of boring but he had interesting insight to the questions. The applegate man was humorous and answered the questions very efficiently. I really appreciated the good job that the producer/host did, he was clear in his speech and when the audience would ask questions he was very professional and would repeat the question so the rest of the audience could hear. He was also confident in his talk. I overall had a good experience at this event. It was VERY informational and the people in charge did a good job with making it a successful event.

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