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Extra Credit Public Speaking Critique

2012 December 6
by thackezc

Tonight I attended the extra credit public speaking event of the American Meat screening, which was directed by Graham Meriweather. Meriweather began the presentation by introducing his film American Meat and proceeded to show the film to every in attendance. After the film, he brought up a panel of knowledgeable people on the subject, one man who was in the film, a farmer, a farmer’s market manager, and a food distribution company owner.

During the first brief introduction, Meriweather described his film and its main premise. He described the process by which he came to making the film and how they actually made it. The documentary was about the american meat industry and an ever-growing movement of farmers who are raising their livestock outdoors without any chemicals. The film features well-known farmer, Joel Salatin, who raises his livestock this way and eventually signs a contract with Chipotle. Throughout the film, there is dispute by other farmers that small-scale farming can not produce enough to feed America. Also, the documentary was about how farming has changed from being a sought-after, lucrative, family business to a job that many are not seeking and many do not make much money at. After the film, Meriweather brought the panel up and opened the floor to questions or comments from the audience. He also asked questions of his own directed towards the panel members.

I thought that the film was very interesting and after watching it I am interested to learn what will happen to the future of the agriculture industry. The film and discussion session afterwards really helped Meriweather send his message effectively and I believe that it was received well also.

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