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Extra credit

2012 December 6
by hardca

Today I attended the American Meat screening put on by the producer of the documentary Graham Meriwether. This was set up like no other presentation I have seen this semester due to a few reasons. In the beginning Graham gave a quick brief of what would happen and who was then we began to watch his documentary. After his documentary he brought up a person who was in the documentary, two farmers, and a lady who is the manager of the local farmers market. This was a point in time for anyone to ask questions about the movie or any topic related to the subject.

In the beginning Graham Meriwether gave a brief talk about who he was which helped build his credibility because it was there when I realized he was the producer. Then after watching his hour and a half film I realized what he was all about and his purpose for being at a college with young students and putting this on for the local community. This moved in to a question and answer with a discussion panel of people who know a lot about the topic or live it firsthand. This forced the audience to become interactive which made people pay more attention to the topic if they may have dozed off during the film. I had never attended a real discussion panel so this opened my eyes to many things. Each member of the panel was given a few minutes to give remarks about who they were and why this topic has to do with their lives. Their purpose was evident and it was because they all work in the business of meat and they are worried about where it is going in the youth does not step forward and make a change. Since they all new as much as anyone could know about the topic there answers contained a lot of backing in them and they could give answers straight forward without twisting the truth. As people asked questions they did their best to relate to the film for guidance for the audience and also expanded on the questions with their own experience.

After this experience I was very impressed with the presentation and the discussion panel. It really opened my eyes up to what the future has in store and how I could affect the food industry of America.  I was completely satisfied by everything the discussion panel had to say and I liked how it was interactive with the audience.

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