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Public Speaking Critique (American Meat)

2012 December 7
by dizeea

Emilee Dize
6 December 2012
GCOM 123
Public Speaking Critique
The discussion panel opens up with Graham Meriwether, the director of the film American Meat, giving us a short introduction of the film we were about to be seeing. While speaking, he was confident in what he was saying and comfortable in front of the large crowd—walking around the front of the room and using hand gestures to add emphasis to his words. He talked smoothly, not as if he had memorized what to say but as if he was knowledgeable enough in the topic that he was speaking about to not have any script in his head. He wasn’t overly dressed in a suit or tie, he just had on a long sleeved t-shirt that made him seem like an honest, every day guy. Since he wasn’t dressed professionally, it made the audience aware that he wasn’t trying to promote any big business, he was just trying to make the students of JMU and the rest of the audience comfortable in knowing the fact he was like one of us trying to promote a healthy product.
After establishing who he was and who the people were that were going to be on the panel at the end, he started the video. The video was interviews and stories of people who were a lot like him. Most were southern family men who were farming because it made them happy and they wanted to continue on the family tradition. The language used by all the people in the video was pretty simple and easy to comprehend and the video consisted of a lot of visual aids that helped the audience vision how the concepts worked that the people were explaining to us. The video was a little long but the information was well organized and it was still interesting even to the last part of it.
The panel at the end was made up of four people and one of those four people was actually interviewed on the film so that was really cool that he was there talking to us. When the people on the panel were asked questions, they each answered them precisely and addressed the question fully. They were all confident and were knowledgeable in what they were discussing and it produced credibility among them because the audience could tell they were intelligent. They all spoke clearly and it was easy to understand what they were describing or elaborating on in their answers and explanations.
Over all, I enjoyed the film and the people involved with the film; they all seemed like every-day people just trying to inform the public about a local and global healthier product and they were persuasive as to why we should support them.

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