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Public speaking critique EC

2012 December 8
by haynescm

On December 5th I went to Memorial and watched a film on American Meat. Graham Meriwether, the Director Cinematographer Producer of the film, was hosting the event. There was a relatively small crowd and his crew seemed very casual. They dressed in jeans and boots which seemed unprofessional, but I guess it fit the part of the movie. He opens by introducing the movie and talking about farmers. He stresses their importance to our everyday lives and how thankful we should be for them. He then approaches the organic aspect of agriculture and lets us know a little bit about that before he started the film. He seemed like a very natural speaker and just like is attire he was very casual with how he spoke to the audience.

The film was fairly well done and I definitely learned a lot about the meat process and how the industry works. I knew farming was hard work, but this film does a very good job of showing all the different jobs they do and the work that goes into it. The film was very well organized and got personal experiences from different areas of the country. They emphasized the importance of family. One farmer described farming as a “family business” and another said, “It brings them closer to God.” They showed everything from the mass production of the normal farms to the intricate details of the organic farms. It was really educational seeing the cycles they use to develop these animals and how they are treated differently. It was interesting seeing the philosophies of having different animals indoors and outdoors. I was very intrigued by the fact that Chipotle uses organic meat. The film did a good job of explaining how, like most people, Chipotle did not know much about organic meat. One of the biggest points that was continuously touched on was the fact that the average age of a farmer is 57. He did a very good job of pressing that and emphasizing the importance of young farmers. The film taught me twice as much as I already knew and did a great job of emphasizing the importance of farmers to the rest of the world.

After the film Graham brought up 4 people to be on a panel and to answer questions. That was really cool because one of the guests was actually in the film so we knew his story and how he got involved in agriculture. He was a great example of an everyday person who picked up farming and has made a difference. One of the things that hit home to me was when one person said, “We need to change to local farmer or we will be eating chicken from China.” This is actually legitimate because he mentioned all the things we already get from China and that we don’t know how their meat is raised and if it’s healthy. Meriwether also asked very good questions to the person from the farmer’s market. He had her describe what it was as well as the hours so the audience knew. When asked whether vegetarians are bad for farmers they responded by saying that vegetarians just don’t trust how the meat is brought up. Lastly, they believe that people are turned away from farming because of the way farming appears to the public and the lack of income.

Overall, I really appreciated this film and learned a lot about the agriculture industry. It does a great job of explaining everything about farming as well as accentuates the benefits of organic farming. I would definitely recommend the film to others and would consider going organic.

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