One of the biggest mistakes incoming freshmen at James Madison University make may occur before they are even at JMU. When selecting housing preferences for freshman year, Eagle Hall should be at the top of the list. In an interview with Bluestone resident, Eleni Mayes, she claimed, “Eagle is so much better than any dorm in Bluestone.” Eagle Hall offers the chance to make your first year in college the best year of your life. Below is a picture of the dorm every freshman should want to live in.


Eagle offers a multitude of experiences and opportunities that are a once in a lifetime chance that you will not get anywhere else on campus. Freshman year is when you establish the friendships that will last the next 4 years, and potentially the rest of your life. Eagle is the largest freshman dorm on campus, with roughly 500 students, which allows you to meet many, many people. In an interview with Megan Foley, she said, “people in Eagle seem to be closer friends than people who live elsewhere.” Since there are so many people in Eagle, the RAs understand that its going to be a little bit more rowdy than other dorms, so they are naturally more lenient. According to Christian, a resident in Eagle, “RAs seem to have a better connection with their residents.” Having strict RAs is the absolute worst thing that can happen, especially with the strike system at JMU. Living in Eagle offers the best chance at escaping that. Matthew Bogan said in an interview that “if [he] lived in Eagle, [he] would not have a strike right now for an absurd violation.” Furthermore, there is absolutely no problem finding a group of people that you can fit in with when you’re around so many people. If the people in your wing aren’t the right fit, there are 3 other wings on the same floor. You’re bound to find at least one person you share common interests with when there are 8 floors of possibilities. Aside from all the positives that come from living with a large group of people, Eagle is also in one of the most convenient locations. Mrs. Green’s, which is regarded by many as the healthiest option for food on campus, is about a minute walk from Eagle, while it is at least 5-10 minutes from just about every other freshman dorm. Also, Eagle is extremely close to the campus gym. So whether you’re going there to workout, play basketball, or just hangout and study, it is right around the corner. According to Malia Rivera, another Bluestone resident, “the location of Eagle alone makes it better than any of the other freshman dorm.” Furthermore, if you’re a business major, Eagle is located directly next to the College of Business. However, Eagle Hall is not only a convenient location for places on campus. Eagle is also very close to many of the common hangout places off campus. Forest, Manor, and Fox are all only about a 10-minute walk from the dorm. This is very useful for the weekends when all of the cab companies are busy. These wonderful aspects of Eagle set you up for possibly the best social year of your life. The ideal location of Eagle is highlighted in the map below.

The perfect location

The perfect location

The reputation of Eagle has been tarnished by widespread misconceptions that it does not deserve to have. One of the biggest misconceptions associated with Eagle is that the living conditions are rough because of the lack of air conditioning. The only time that air conditioning is needed at JMU is during the first two to three weeks of first semester and the last two weeks of second semester. However, an open window and a small fan works just as well as AC and solves this simple problem. Another misconception about Eagle is that it is full of troublemakers. When 500 freshmen are living together, there are obviously going to be a few people who like to stir up trouble. This, however, is not special to just Eagle, as every dorm has the kids who think starting trouble is fun. The final misconception is that the fire alarm in Eagle gets pulled all the time. This only happened in an excessive amount one year. Other than that, it happens just as much in Eagle as it does in every other dorm.

When I was first coming to JMU, I received Bluestone as my housing assignment and i was elated. I felt as if I had just won the lottery and that I was going to be living in the best dorm on campus. I even went as far as to laugh in the face of my two best friends who had got stuck in Eagle. I was in the same shoes as every other freshman. All I kept hearing about was how Eagle was so terrible and how I should do everything in my power not to live there. However, I could not have been more wrong. All of my friends in Eagle are having the time of their lives and enjoying every single second of freshman year, while I’m in Bluestone wishing that I had that opportunity. To try and compensate, I find myself at Eagle at least 5 times a week, and in most cases nearly ten times a week. As far as bad incidents have gone this year, my dorm in Bluestone has had about just as much mischief as Eagle Hall has had. The stereotype that everything bad always happens in Eagle has been completely shot out of the water. Eagle has been a fantastic dorm this year for nearly every freshman that lives there.


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