[Listening Post] Be the Change – in SCOM, at JMU and in the world

At JMU, we embrace the slogan “Be the Change.” Every member of this community, no matter their hometown, year or major, strives to do the best that they can with every day. That’s why this blog, Be the Change, is a must-read for students, staff and faculty alike.

The blog posts on this site vary greatly, from guest bloggers to interviews with graduates to updates about life at JMU. The most recent post, titled “Why Vote?”, is written by a 2004 alumnus Levar Stoney. He maintains a humorous, bipartisan tone while encouraging JMU students and other readers to use a right that “many people around the world would die to have.”  There’s also a short post written during Homecoming week that encourages alumni to gather virtually if they can’t physically be in Harrisonburg.

For me, the most compelling story written in the past month was about a hurricane. The author begins, “None of us can control a hurricane like Sandy — or any hurricane for that matter. Such unbridled power provides endless fascination in large part because it is out of our control. We can only react, as the university is doing today by closing in an abundance of caution in the face of Hurricane Sandy.” He then goes on to describe a devastating hurricane which hit close to Harrisonburg over 50 years ago. It’s a powerful story and it really shows how changes in the media have affected the way that we communicate, especially during times of disaster.

So, SCOM, listen up. I know we’re all really busy, but this is a great blog to follow. It will keep you connected to the JMU community; and who knows, maybe it will inspire you to “Be the Change.”

Check it out, and share your favorite post in the comments.