Introducing….Dr. Schill

Dr. Schill HeadshotSCOM hired six new wonderful faculty members entering the fall 2013 semester.

This week, I will post introductions of new faculty members at SCOM.

Dr. Schill has joined the SCOM faculty, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Schill and hear his passion for advocacy and politics, along with instilling this passion in his students.

What stands out the most about JMU students so far?

He is excited to see students’ commitment to service here at JMU and in our local community. At JMU he has already noticed that these are “students that want to engage and make a difference”

What are you looking forward to most here at JMU?

His first response was an excitement to work with the students. He also has the opportunity to work with the first class of students in the Communication and Advocacy graduate program, whom include a wide variety of students from all over the United States. On the other end of the spectrum, Dr. Schill is teaching group GCOM and is looking forward to “growing students at the undergrad level.” Additionally, Dr. Schill said he was excited to collaborate with the accomplished faculty in the School of Communication Studies.

If you could teach a class in any area, what would it be and why?

“I am lucky in that I get to teach and conduct research in the area that I am most passionate about, political advocacy,” Dr. Schill said, “The classes I teach are exactly what I want to be doing.” It also helpful to be close to Washington, D.C., he said. His interest in political advocacy stems from seeing how political communication can propel political change and mobilize people for a cause. As a professor he has the ability to help people and students develop their voice and navigate this world.

Overall, Dr. Schill is, “really excited to work with students” and encourages them to come by his office.


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