Welcome Professor Shook

Last, but not least, Professor Shook is another new addition to the SCOM faculty, who is also here to help with the debate team. As a debater in her undergrad career, she definitely has the passion and knowledge to coach our student teams.

1. What stands out the most about JMU students so far?

The students here are all “really excited about actual learning and ideas…instead of just answers only,” replies Professor Shook.

2. What are you looking forward to here at JMU?

As the assistant debate team coach, Professor Shook is looking forward to traveling with the debate team—especially this weekend is their first competition in Atlanta. JMU is also traveling with the most teams in the country (or at least one of the larger teams)! Additionally, she’s excited to get to know Harrisonburg and JMU better. If you have any suggestions for her, comment below!

Working on her dissertation, while instructing here at JMU, Professor Shook feels the faculty here is very friendly, and she feels comfortable asking them for help or advice.

3. Do you have any advice to freshman students?

“Talk in class,” replied Professor Shook. Most students do not speak up and could miss out on gaining clarity on a certain topic.

This is for you students, make sure to speak up in Professor Shook’s class! Leave a comment with how you feel talking in class helps your learning process.