Honoring Mark Waugh: The Mark Waugh Scholarship

Earlier this month, the JMU Debate team lost their beloved friend and alumnus.


Mark Waugh was a student who embodied the JMU culture in every aspect of his life. He left a lasting imprint not only on the JMU Debate team, but on the JMU community as a whole. He graduated in 2012 and joined the debate team his freshman year. Mark graduated with the most wins in JMU debate history, including the novice national championship his freshman year and five other tournaments in total. His senior year, Mark was named to the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) All-American team, which put him among the top 30 debaters in the nation, and he twice qualified for the prestigious National Debate Tournament (NDT). Mark was also an outstanding student, being selected for membership in JMU’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.


As Michael Davis, Director of the JMU Debate team, noted, “Mark Waugh was one of the best people I have ever met. He was one of those people who effortlessly combined a commitment to excellence with a fun and easygoing attitude.”

JMU has created the Mark Waugh Memorial Foundation Fund, with all donations going towards the JMU Debate team. Mark Waugh was a wonderful, energetic person who left an impact on all he met.


If you would like to donate to the Mark Waugh Memorial Foundation Fund, go to this link:



Under my gift will support select “Other” and enter “Mark Waugh Memorial Fund”.


If you would like to donate by check please send those made payable to James Madison University with “Mark Waugh Memorial Fund” in the subject line and send them to:


Dr. Michael Davis
James Madison University
MSC 2106
800 S. Main St
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

 We thank you for your time spent here at JMU and the legacy you left with our debate team.