NCA 2013

The National Communication Association Convention (NCA) was held Nov. 20 – Nov. 24 in Washington, D.C. Below are a few pictures of our professors presenting their research papers.

This year, we had 26 professors representing James Madison University and their personal research at the conference. The conference was a great learning experience and an opportunity for our SCOM professors to help them share their knowledge and grow from others. Click links below to see who participated in the conference this year.


I was excited to have the opportunity to go and hear our professors present their work. It was a nice change to see another side of their lives and their passions. Seeing our professors being praised in a larger context also shows me the true value of our education. I can tell that our professors love what they do both at JMU and outside of it. Overall, the NCA provided me an opportunity to get to know our professors in a different setting. If anyone has the opportunity to attend more occasions such as this, I would highly recommend it.

Congratulations for Dr. Lori Britt on being tied for top paper in the Experiential Learning in the Communication Division!

Congratulations to Dr. Brian Kaylor who received an Outstanding Book Award ( from Political Communication Division!


Next year the conference will be held in Chicago, IL.