Quick safety tips before leaving for spring break!

Before everyone heads off for break, here are some safety tips to consider!

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As students usually leave their lovely homes for a whole week, there are some factors to consider before leaving it completely vacant.

    • Check, double check, triple check and make sure all doors are LOCKED before leaving.
    • For those of you who live in apartment complexes with glass sliding doors, it is recommended to get a wooden dowel and place in the side track.
    • If you are leaving your vehicle behind, hide everything out of sight. Place all valuable items in your trunk if you can.


For those traveling:

  • Make sure you notify your friends and families your itinerary for your vacation. Let them know where you are staying and if possible, give them contact information of where you plan on staying.
  • Keep family/friends UPDATED! If you’re running late, let them know.
  • If driving, use the 511 system (or dial 511) which provides traffic information as well as assistance in planning routes.

We wish everyone safe travels and a great spring break!

(These tips were provided by JMU Department of Police & Public Safety)

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