Meet Jennie Rosier

It’s that time of year again. We are placing things in our shopping carts, swapping them out for others, and trying to get the best deals on what we are offered. Yes, I’m talking about class registration. Before we click that “enroll” button, most of the time we’ve just exited out of the “Rate My Professor” window. We want to know as much as we can about our professors, it’s our college student nature.  So, here’s your chance. Through an interview with Dr. Jennifer Rosier, one of our very own SCOM professors, we learn about what she does, her passions, and some of her life convictions.

“I don’t take my life too seriously. I don’t worry about what others are doing and I’m not in competition with other people. I’m only in competition with myself, and I strive to be the best I can be…and I usually am!” When asked the reason for her success, this was Rosier’s response. Rosier has a Ph.D. from Purdue University in Interpersonal Communication. She is currently an assistant professor at JMU and was awarded the SCOM Teacher of the Year award for the school year 2013-2014.  Not only is she passionate about teaching, she is also passionate about research. Most of her research is dedicated to enhancing romantic relationships. Additionally, she is the author of Jens Love Lessons, a blog site that offers relationship advice based on research and her expert opinion, and book “Make Love, Not Scrapbooks,” also dedicated to bettering romantic relationships.

Most people who know her as a teacher, know that she doesn’t only teach material, but she also teaches something more than just textbook content—how to be passionate about life and what you do. She has a zeal for life that she tries to pass along to her students. Through much of the interview, Dr. Rosier tells us how she lives her life, and what she believes in that she thinks to be beneficial for her students as well.

What made you pursue your Ph.D. in interpersonal communication?

 An interpersonal communication class when I was getting my undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland. It changed me. We had a project where we had to teach the class part of the book and I helped everyone understand a difficult concept. I remember telling my mom, “I think I’m supposed to help people understand things!” and that is what led me to do what I am doing today. I like helping people understand things that seem difficult at first! That’s why I teach.

What are the most important things in life, in your opinion?

People. Other people. Relationships are so important and nothing else matters. The relationships that you form with others, focus on those and make them strong. People are the most important thing.  You only have as many real friends as you have fingers, so keep them close.

If you could give your life a movie title, what would it be?

“She Turned Her Cants into Cans and Her Dreams into Plans.” I have always decided that I wanted to do something, and I did it. I only do what I want to do and if I don’t want to do it, then I don’t do it. That’s how I live my life and I’m happy that way.

What is one thing that you wish you could have told yourself in the past, and something you could pass onto others?

 It is not always going to be rainbows and gumdrops. You have to work really hard to keep what you want going and it’s just not easy. There are going to be times where you want to throw in the towel and quit, but think hard about it and realize that you have to keep pushing if it’s important to you.

How do you find balance between your career, family life, and everything else?

People ask me that all the time! But honestly, I do what I like to do and I do what I love. I love teaching so it doesn’t feel like work. I love my career and it’s what I want to do. I always say if I won the lottery I would still teach! I cannot imagine myself not walking into a classroom.

If you had to choose one thing to live by, what would it be?

 It would be “Love the life you live, and live the life you love,” because that is what we are here for. You just have to love what you do and love all the decisions that you make. Don’t regret anything. Don’t have buyer’s remorse. Just do what you love and love what you’ve decided on, that’s it!



Although I have only been in Dr. Rosier’s Communication Research Methodology class for a few months, she has made me realize that life is short, so take advantage of it! Not only does she teach you what you need to know, but she also teaches life and love lessons that you probably won’t forget. So, hopefully meeting Dr. Rosier has helped you to click the “X” on the “Rate My Professor” site. An educator like herself cannot be rated on those kinds of websites anyway!

Rosier currently teaches SCOM 314, Communication in Romantic Relationships, and SCOM 383, Communication Research Methodology. In the Spring 2015 semester, she will be teaching SCOM 320, Introduction to Interpersonal Communication, and SCOM 383.