Building your Future Through CAP


College is a time for students to develop their future by learning about their interests and potential for growth. This may be a challenging process for most. Career and Academic Planning is a place where students can find help in all aspects of their college experience. Mrs. Laura Hickerson, an Internship Liaison, explains the potential for development through the office, “we are one of the only offices on campus that work with students at all levels.”

The support that CAP offers to students is endless. Below highlights a few examples (among many others) of how CAP can help:

First Years/ Sophomores:

  • Freshman Advising: Faculty members available who can help choose classes, majors, and guide students in the right direction.
  • IS202: Career and Life Planning- A class to guide you in the direction you choose through self-assessments and information about majors and careers


  • Career services such as Recruit-A-Duke, resume and cover letter review, mock interviews, and Interview Stream
  • Career Fairs available in the Fall and the Spring
  • Graduate School preparation

There are many more opportunities available. For more information on Career and Academic Planning’s services visit their website.

There will be a Career and Internship Fair 2/18 and 2/26 from 11-3pm in Festival Ballroom.

*Advice for Career Fair by Mrs. Hickerson:

  • about 140 companies over the two days will attend so it is vital to look at the companies on Recruit-A-Duke, gather information about the ones that you’re interested in, and prepare to speak about yourself and why you’re specifically interested in that company.
  • Have an elevator speech about yourself. Who are you? What year are you? What are you studying? What makes you stand out? (For example: what are your interests? What are you involved in? etc.)
  • “Warm up”: Don’t talk to your favorite company first. Ease the nerves and get comfortable.
  • There will be a shuttle bus from the Convo parking lots so there is no need to stress about the parking situation.
  • Most importantly: This is an exciting experience!! This is just the beginning of your future and there is a lot of time and potential to grow. Be confident and enjoy learning about the opportunities that are available!