Faculty Perspectives

Seán McCarthy talks about the role of writing in the JMU Drones Project

Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication professor Sean McCarthy has been working as an instructor on the JMU Drones Project this semester. Here, he talks about the role of writing in the course.

Patrice Ludwig talks about the most interesting aspects of teaching this class

Biology professor Patrice Ludwig tells us about the highlights of working on the JMU Drones Project.

Nick Swayne talks about 4VA

Virginia's 4VA promotes collaboration among its top universities, and sponsors the JMU Drones Project. 4VA director Nick Swayne tells us more about this state-wide initiative.

Fred Briggs talks about teaching with the BeamBot

Fred Briggs, one of the instructors in the JMU Drones Project, talks about teaching remotely via a BeamBot from NOVALabs in Reston, Virginia.