Media and Editorial Team

Eleanor-TerrettEleanor Terret
I am a senior WRTC major at JMU but I live and work in New York City on the weekends. When I graduate I hope to move back to NYC and continue with my job as a production assistant Al Jazeera America. I hope to attend graduate school at Columbia School of Journalism and go on to become a reporter/presenter.
Lindsey-CampbellLindsey Campbell
Content Editor
Lindsey is a Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication major with a minor in Philosophy. As the Content Editor for the JMU Drone Challenge, Lindsey worked closely with each group, helping them convey their story as clearly as possible through editing and revising all written content on this website. Her favorite part of this project was working with all of the projects instead of just one. Lindsey is also an editor for JMURJ, where she interacts with research from a variety of disciplines–she loves learning outside of her field, so she hopes to put her writing and editing skills to use for a company with a multidisciplinary focus.