Aerial Imaging

The Final Countdown

We have less than one month left of our semester.

Less than one month of collaborating together in our teams.

Less than one month of innovated thinking and designing related to our topics.

Less than one month of building UAV’s to respond to global problems.

Less than one month to make the biggest impact we possible can with our work thus far.

Less than one month.

It’s mind-blowing to think of how much work and time we’ve already put into our project. For us, we have gone through many stages of brainstorming and forming to find the perfect application for our UAV. We’ve also gone through the process of replacing, balancing, and stabilizing the propellers and motors on our UAV. To get our propellers up-to-speed (literally), we had to use tape to balance them, scales to measure the thrust, and performing test flights.

We have found this classroom set-up to be very effective. In most ways, we wish all classrooms had this set-up because it creates a learning environment that is more interactive and open for designing/thinking. The amount of space that we have is perfect for working on our UAV, the professors are able to easily walk around and work with us, and there are separate rooms within the makerspace to do 3D printing, run test flights, or meet in a quieter setting. The multi-screen teleconferencing and presentation walls were highly effective, giving us the ability to share presentations directly from our laptops and also giving us the ability to share our presentation while the NOVA Lab men were watching/working with us. One adjustment we’d like to see is the feedback that we would sometimes receive when NOVA Lab men were watching us present.


By: Katrina Aducci