Landmines: Detection

The Five Things You Didn’t Know About Drones


  • Drones are safe

NiklavsBarbars_IsThisNamedBetter-_drones_drawing_fall2015People often disregard drones and shed a negative light on this new technology. If drones are approached with an open mind and people learn all of the features a drone can offer, it’s obvious that they will see that they are in fact quite safe.  By learning the ins and outs of this technology, we can see that drones will save lives and create a more efficient way of service.


  • Drones can help humanity

This class is taking on different humanitarian projects.  Whether it is first responders, landmine detection and disarming, or historical marking and representation; these drones are bettering the Harrisonburg community.

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  • Drones are a learning tool

Students at JMU are learning about this new technology. We are becoming aware of the physics behind the creation of these machines and how our government uses this in National Security.


  • Drones bring people together

IMG_3247JMU Physics, Industrial Design, Math, and WRTC majors are collaboratively working on these humanitarian projects.  Never in my years here at JMU did I think that as a WRTC major I would be working with physics majors or even drones for that matter.  These drones are bringing out collaborative work, ideas, and unexpected friendships.



  • The capability of drones are endless

Although JMU students are using these drones for humanitarian purposes, the potential of these drones in unmeasurable.  They have the ability to carry objects, record sound and video, detect metal and heat, and even on a smaller scale be a fun toy to play with.  Drones are going to be the newest form of technology that our world encounters in the next few years;  creating a safer and more efficient way to conquer tasks is what these machines do best.




Hope Ucciardi & Patrick Murphy