Aerial Imaging

Who We Are


Name: Isabel Yun

Major: Industrial Design

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Favorite moment this semester: I enjoyed working within an interdisciplinary environment to converse and problem solve. Design thinking as the critical component and mindset, our team enabled an innovative exchange of creative problem solving.


Name: Katrkatina Aducci

Major: Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Favorite moment this semester: Meeting each one of my teammates and seeing how our different strengths collaborated together.





Name: Phillip Bannister

Major: Industrial Design

Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA

Favorite moment this semester: Learning a new skill set, collaborating with different majors, and flying UAVs.






Name: Zach Dehart

Major: Physics

Hometown: Purcellville, VA

Favorite moment this semester: When we flew the UAV into the chair and broke the propellers. We quickly fixed it though.






Name: Galen Richard

Major: Physics and Math

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Favorite moment this semester: The first time our team clicked and the awkward group dynamics disappeared.


By: Katrina Aducci

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