The Locavore’s Dilemma: Food, Agriculture, and Global Sustainability

Please Note: Registration for March 15 is closed, because event space is at capacity.

The JMuse Cafe on The Locavore’s Dilemma: Food, Agriculture, and Global Sustainability will be held on Thursday, March 15 in the Flex Space on the Third Floor of the East Campus Library. The event space will open at 6:45 PM, and a light buffet will be available. The program will begin at 7:00 PM with guest speakers (1) Maria Papadakis (Professor of Integrated Science and Technology and Geographic Science) and (2) John A. Scherpereel (Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Florence Programs). Here are the titles and abstracts for their ten-minute presentations:

(1) The Real Cost of Food–Agricultural Sustainability and Why It Matters

Locavore, omnivore, monoculture, vegan, slow food, permaculture,
artisanal food–what do all of these have to do with sustainability?
Our introduction to the evening’s topic explains the environmental,
social, and ethical dimensions of agricultural sustainability, and how
they connect to the many ways we currently think about food lifestyles
and agricultural production.

(2) Fast Food Nation vs. Under the Tuscan Sun–Myths and Realities of Food on Two Continents

The United States is the land of fast food, dietary fads, Super
Wal-Mart, subsidized monoculture, and solitary meals. Europe is the
land of Slow Food, culinary tradition, neighborhood markets, organic
farms, and multi-generational feasts. Are these stereotypes really
accurate? The evening’s second presentation explores whether Europe
and America are converging and investigates the extent to which
American and European approaches to food and agriculture are