Remembering Newtown – Sept. 19, 2013

photograph of the M and S Restaurant

M and S Restaurant, courtesy of the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Project R4, Harrisonburg’s urban renewal project of the 1950s and 1960s, is back on people’s minds given the recent debate over the renaming of Cantrell Ave.  City officials razed the highly integrated community (60% African American, 40% White) from the area of downtown from Kline’s Dairy Bar to the Little Grill, dividing the community and demolishing historical sections of the city.  At this event, JMuse Café will provide the community and the campus with a forum to discuss this part of Harrisonburg’s past, and to look at ways going forward to perhaps mark it.

Location: Lucy Simms Center, 620 Simms Ave., Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Date: Thursday, September 19th
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
WSHV news video

Speaker: David Ehrenpreis, James Madison University’s School of Art, Design, and Art History and the Institute for Visual Studies

Charlie Chenault, Harrisonburg City Council
Karen Thomas, Northeast Neighborhood Association
Michael Wong, Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Sarah Sampson, Longtime Harrisonburg Resident

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