Group Work for the Phenomenology Group


This was an exercise with the symptoms that one experiences when going through withdrawal from alcoholism. We drew diagrams for the actual symptom and then the antonym of that symptom. For example, the symptom was agitation and the antonym was ease.



This wood model is the inspiration for our whole scheme in this community housing area. The whole container will be split up entirely and one piece of each housing unit will be given back to the community where the Lakota people will build their community center together.



Here are some spatial exercises that we all did together as a group.



We all took a certain amount of symptoms and came up with spatial models.



These are my individual wood models that I constructed in the woodshop that expressed my ideas for my treatment center for alcoholism.



This is the model I constructed to show the design for how each housing unit will be split apart and interact.



Here is another view.



Here is another view.



These are all the sketches that my group and I did while we were having a jam-sesh diagramming the symptoms and relating them back to the shipping container.