For the team part of this project Emer, Eliot, Racquel and I are in a group.  We are focusing on the healing process.  Emer focused on rehabilitation from alcoholism.  I focused on the Waldorf education system and the theories behind this.  These were the two main concepts that we pulled together to create a home for people to heal.  This home will not just be for people with alcoholism, but it will be for an entire family to heal.  There is a lot of abuse and other issues going on in this community that need healing.  This house will incorporate aspects of the healing process in order to allow these people to create their own future.  The Waldorf education will be included in the spaces and how we create the spaces.

Our first step was the list the symptoms of these diseases ( alcoholism, ptsd, abuse) in order to then diagram them and model these symptoms.  IMG_4071