To Spiritualize

I am working with a main idea of to spiritualize.  This work means in regards to this project that the people of Pine Ridge will be able to develop themselves and grow themselves through the nature.

The idea for the shipping container is that the container is provided to them and then they will build off of it.  There will be ways of attachments in order to create a more permeant space with their hands.  I am discovering different ways that this can happen and different forms that can be made through this process.

This drawing focuses on the seasons and the wind affecting the building.  I want this structure to built and can move.  The people in Pine Ridge need to be able to experience all the nature around them and for this to happen they cannot just live in a box.  The shipping container would be what they started with and then they would build from there.  They would create their own architecture.


IMG_4066 IMG_4065