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ePortfolios — Reflections on the AAEEBL Southeast US eFolio Conference at Virginia Tech

November 10, 2011 by Kevin Hegg Articles  No Comments

Sarah and I attended at two-day ePortfolio conference at Virginia Tech in November.  The conferences consisted of a series of workshops and presentations by students, faculty and administrators from Virginia Tech, Clemson University, Ferrum College, Tunxis Community College, University of Delaware , and LaGuardia Community College.

Key Uses:

  • Upload and manage artifacts (e.g. Word documents and PowerPoint presentations)
  • Reflection on various topics (course work, community service, college experience, etc.)
  • Reflection on artifacts
  • Showcase student work for prospective employers and graduate programs
  • Assessment at multiple levels
    • Assess student work in a course
    • Assess programs and curricula
    • Assess institution for accreditation purposes (e.g. SACS review)
  • Commenting, rating and peer review
  • Talk of integrative and collaborative learning

The Technologies behind the Portfolios:

  • Google sites
  • Weebly
  • Digication
  • Sakai ePortfolio component
  • Commercial ePortfolio Moodle extenstion
  • WeaverOnline.com, a service that aggregates artifacts from multiple ePorfolios in a central, web-based spreadsheet or matrix. This is especially useful for assessment at the program or college or institution level. Folks do NOT want to drill into multiple ePortfolios.

Relevance to LMS Research

ePortfolios are often extensions of or integrated into LMSes. For example, Virginia Tech uses the Sakai ePortfolio software, which is jointly developed by IU and other partners including the Open Source Portfolio Initiative. Another institution represented at this conference is using a commercial ePortfolio product that is integrated into their Moodle installation. A couple of advantages of integrating the ePortfolio with the LMS come to mind: First, students will be able to submit the same document as both a course assignment and a portfolio artifcat. Secondly, the students will use the same application and a single login for both purposes. Thirdly, multiple portfolio assessment should in theory be easier. A disadvantage is that your ePortfolio solution is tied to your LMS so when one goes the other goes too.

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