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LMS Team Meeting Notes 11/10/11

November 16, 2011 by Sarah Cheverton Administrative, Meeting Notes  No Comments

LMS Research Team Meeting Notes

Reviews and Updates
–Review of October meeting outcomes (Sarah)

–Report on faculty focus group (Andrea)

    • 6 faculty
    • Heavy tech users (Bb and other)
    • Need/Interest: 24/7 support (esp Saturdays), ideas for training, short tutorials, system needs (testing, want things to work, gradebook, discussion board, most like the new Bb system, images, ability to integrate video, dropbox feature for student assignments, release time to learn technology, concerns about changing the system (requires too much time)
    • Tomorrow: moderate Bb users
    • Dec 2: users of other technology

–Update on information from other schools (Amanda/Eric/Mary Ann)

  • Report from Duke (2009): no clear trend as to why institutions have chosen a particular system
  • What’s happened since 2009? lawsuits, marketing, business decisions (e.g., sale of Bb)
  • UMW, Utah, Univ system of Georgia

–Canvas Conference (Grover)

  • Theme: taking LMSs to another level– more than a repository; a tool that will help students engage better; make it in faculty’s interest to do things the right way (e.g., save time)
  • UMW was there– low Bb use went to high Canvas use, had 3 support emails when they transitioned
  • keynote speaker was Phil Hill, Canvas user; promotes outcome-based pedagogy/structure of course (rubrics) and rolling out a more robust analytics tool based on rubrics; eportfolio included; the core product includes these things; small and large schools are using it

–ePortfolio Conference (Kevin/Sarah)

  • ACTION: Kevin and Sarah will post summaries

Start drafting RFP requirements
–Review Statement of IT Needs
–Draft needs for RFP (draw from statement of needs and findings so far)
–Amanda presented a draft
–ACTION: Sarah will assign members of the group to list examples under each category of application functionality

Presentation to Academic Council Meeting in Dec?

–ACTION: Sarah will schedule

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