Frats: Friend or Foe?- Conclusion

The end of the 1970 saw even greater spikes in membership in fraternities. The growing pains of the Greek organizations are mostly behind them by now. However, the question remains: Were fraternities an overall positive influence on the community and college students, or were the outweighed by the negatives?

In this exhibit, many aspects of this question was considered. It is in my opinion that Fraternities were resoundingly well received, or should have been. The community service projects, benefit shows, blood drives, parties, sporting events, and so much more shows all the ways fraternities touch peoples lives, both town and gown and fratboys alike.

As reporter of the Breeze and member of greek life stated, “How many people in this mad world are able to say, “I have sixty friends whom I can always depend upon”?” (Matthews) That’s a comforting sentiment that anyone can relate to, especially those fledgling freshmen who arrive to Madison without many friends to claim.



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(*Works cited still under construction for many pages. No plagiarism is intended, this is all original research and original words. Many posts are overall culminations of various sources and articles of the Breeze over a 10 year span, making it difficult to source exact location of the information*)