Greek Growth

The numbers don’t lie, Greek Organizations on campus were growing rapidly in the 1970’s. The first Madison College fraternity was Sigma Delta Rho, established in 1947 with only 13 members. The lack of fraternities at the college prior to the 1970s was not surprising, as male admittance to the college was nonexistent, and then very limited. But with the open push for male enrollment, more Fraternities were able to break their way into campus.

A notable contributing factor to the increase in male involvement in Greek Life were sororities. These female organizations had a multiple decade headstart, and therefore were more organized and substantial. The sorority parties and sporting events not only made attending Madison College more appealing to males, but it also introduced many of the newly admitted men to Greek Life. “The growth of a Greek system for men, inspired by the spirit of the Sororities, was just a matter of time.” (Follini)


This chart shows the escalating membership numbers of the 1970's. (data collected from The Bluestones of each respective year.)


This graph utilizes information from Madison Yearbooks at the beginning of each decade. This further reinforces that there was indeed a bold increase in fraternity membership in the 70s.


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