There are many different kinds of resources available that support the study of Madison College/James Madison University in the 1970s. Primary sources (created during the 1970s) are available at Special Collections in Carrier Library. These include official publications like the annual student handbooks and catalogues, as well as files kept by various offices and indivuduals. Copies of the yearbook, The Bluestone, can be found in Special Collections, the Reference room, and online at The student newspaper, The Breeze, can be found in microfilm, at Special Collections, and accessed digitally through JMU Scholarly Commons. By contrast, scholarly secondary studies (created after the decade) of the institution are few. The following bibliography offers interested person a good place to start. Resources that provide a broader context for American higher education during this period and for the 1970s as a unique decade can be found at the end of this list as well as at the bottom of each exhibit page.

Sources about Madison College/James Madison University

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Sources about Higher Education and College Life

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Sources about the 1970s

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