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The Madison Digital Image Database is a freely distributed, open source web application developed at James Madison University. MDID is a digital media management system with sophisticated tools for discovering, aggregating, and presenting digital media in a wide variety of learning spaces. Read more »


VRA 2015- MDID Users Group Presentation

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VRA 2014- MDID Users Group Presentation


VRA 2012 – MDID Users Group Presentation

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Remote Control for the MediaViewer

RemotePoint Jade Presentation Remote ControlAt JMU, the School of Art, Design and Art History moved into a temporary space while their building was being renovated. One consequence of this temporary space is that the rooms are extremely wide, leading instructors to frequently wonder away from the teaching console in order to interact with their students and the images on screen. This lead us to investigate options for a small handheld remote for controlling a MediaViewer presentation. Read more »

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MDID Curation

A quick overview on how to import metadata and media into MDID3.
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Another MDID3 help document

MDID3 Help

This document was created for a workshop at JMU’s Center for Instructional Technology, and is useful for MDID3 institutions everywhere. It includes several helpful screenshots and covers functions such as searching, browsing, creating and using presentations, and adding personal content.


Getting Started With MDID3

Getting Started With MDID3

This document covers how to use MDID3 to find images, create and edit presentations, and share presentations with your students.


MediaViewer version 1.01.8 — Release Notes

Bug fixes:

  • Play button will be enabled when stop button pressed unless end of slideshow is reached.
  • Thumbnail strip now flies in from the right and thumbnail images are organized from left to right in the order they appear in the slideshow.
  • When navigating a slideshow quickly, images sometimes disappeared. This no longer happens.
  • Some users experienced odd image sizing issues when navigating a slideshow. This is fixed.
  • The caching indicator superimposed on the scrub bar now properly displays the status of a duplicate image (the same image used multiple times in a slideshow).

New Features:

  • Added a checkbox to enable or disable “smooth image edges.”
  • Improved arrow key and edge control interaction.
    • Multiple arrow clicks are now captured and acted upon.
    • When left or right arrow key is pressed and held, navigation is continuous.
    • When left or right edge controls are clicked and mouse button is down, navigation is continuous and grows progressively quicker.
    • When up or down arrow key is pressed and held, zooming is continuous.
    • When zoom in and zoom out edge controls are clicked and mouse button is down, zooming is continuous.
  • Added a new key command: Pressing the “M” key minimizes the window.
  • Added a new key command: Pressing the “P” key toggles both top bar and bottom bar on or off simultaneously. This makes hiding the top and bottom bars quicker.

VRA 2011 MDID Users Group Presentation

Here is the presentation from the MDID Users Group at the VRA 2011 conference in Minneapolis. Session notes are available also.

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