MDID3 Running in Parallel with MDID2 at JMU

We are happy to announce that we have put MDID3 into production for use in parallel with MDID2 during the spring semester. The new Media Viewer classroom presentation software, which supports dual projection, is also ready for download and will be used in all JMU art and art history classrooms this semester.

In preparation for the start of classes on Monday, January 10, we are conducting faculty training on the new MDID3 and Media Viewer this Friday, January 7. Training videos and documentation created for the Media Viewer will be posted on the MDID3 support site as they become available.

Classroom use of the Media Viewer and special student projects using MDID3 during spring semester will help us to test for bugs and identify potential future improvements. We encourage other MDID institutions to share their own experiences with using and testing MDID3. Collaborative efforts to improve this free, open source software will help determine the progress we can make using our own institutional resources at JMU.

There will be frequent updates for the foreseeable future as more features are added and bugs are resolved. The updates are very easy to apply by using the Git merge feature. Heavily customized installations may require more effort to apply updates.

The latest version being used at JMU, which includes the Media Viewer classroom presentation software, is available at The latest MDID3 version will always be available at this site.

We appreciate your support of the MDID project.

Andreas Knab, Lead Software Developer, CIT
Kevin Hegg, Assistant Director of Systems and R&D, CIT
Christina Updike, Visual Resources Specialist, SAAH
Grover Saunders, Web Media Developer, CIT
Grace Barth, SAAH
Sarah Cheverton, Director, CIT


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