MediaViewer: Desktop

MediaViewer: Web

Follow these steps to install MediaViewer: Web to your MDID2 installation.

Step 1:

Download the following ZIP archive and copy it to your MDID server:

MediaViewer Files MDID2

Step 2:

Extract and review the contents of the ZIP archive. You should see two files and a folder labeled “mediaviewer,” which contains five more files:


Step 3:

On your MDID server, locate the physical root directory of your MDID installation, which will probably be in a folder called “wwwroot.” Its contents should look something like this:

Step 4:

Copy the “mediaviewer” folder from your ZIP archive into your MDID root directory so that it sits at the same level as those folders shown in the picture above.

Step 5:

In your MDID root directory, rename the file “slideshows.aspx” to “slideshows.aspx.bak” and the file “viewslideshows.aspx” to “viewslideshows.aspx.bak”. We will replace these files in the next step but want to keep a backup of each file in case you decide not to use the new MediaViewer, in which case you’ll delete the files added in the next step and remove the “.bak” suffix from these two files.)

Step 6:

Copy the files “slideshows.aspx” and “viewslideshows.aspx” from your ZIP archive into your MDID root directory so that they sit on the same level as the files in the picture above.

Step 7:

That’s it! Verify that everything is working by logging into your MDID, going to “My Slideshows” and clicking the “MediaViewer” link as highlighted in red in the following picture:

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