Collaborative Ventures, Collaborative Gains

Mary Ann Chappell and Christina Updike presentated during the VRA + ARLIS/NA conference session “Collaborative Ventures, Collaborative Gains”. Both the presentation and script are available.

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MDID 3 Poster Session at VRA 2011

This is the MDID poster that was on exhibit during the poster session at the 2011 VRA conference. You can view it online and download the PDF.

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MDID 3 Flyer

Here is the latest version of the MDID 3 flyer distributed during the 2011 VRA conference. You can view it online and download the PDF.


MDID SIG and Poster Sessions


This is just a reminder that there will be a MDID Special Interest Group Session with a presentation entitled “MDID3: Cultivating Multimedia on Your Campus” at the VRA + ARLIS/NA conference on Thursday, March 24, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in the Marquette II room. This informative session is open to anyone using or interested in MDID, a freely shared educational resource distributed under an Open Source license. We encourage you to add yourself as “interested” to the meeting on the conference SCHED.

Members of the project team will also be available to talk and answer questions, with our poster “MDID3: Taking the ‘Repose’ out of Repository,” at the Poster Session on Sunday, March 27 from 8:00-9:30 a.m. in Salon D.

Looking forward to seeing you in Minneapolis!

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Desktop MediaViewer Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a PDF file containing all of the keyboard shortcuts for the Desktop version of the MediaViewer:
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MDID3 Running in Parallel with MDID2 at JMU

We are happy to announce that we have put MDID3 into production for use in parallel with MDID2 during the spring semester. The new Media Viewer classroom presentation software, which supports dual projection, is also ready for download and will be used in all JMU art and art history classrooms this semester.

In preparation for the start of classes on Monday, January 10, we are conducting faculty training on the new MDID3 and Media Viewer this Friday, January 7. Training videos and documentation created for the Media Viewer will be posted on the MDID3 support site as they become available.

Classroom use of the Media Viewer and special student projects using MDID3 during spring semester will help us to test for bugs and identify potential future improvements. We encourage other MDID institutions to share their own experiences with using and testing MDID3. Collaborative efforts to improve this free, open source software will help determine the progress we can make using our own institutional resources at JMU.

There will be frequent updates for the foreseeable future as more features are added and bugs are resolved. The updates are very easy to apply by using the Git merge feature. Heavily customized installations may require more effort to apply updates.

The latest version being used at JMU, which includes the Media Viewer classroom presentation software, is available at The latest MDID3 version will always be available at this site.

We appreciate your support of the MDID project.

Andreas Knab, Lead Software Developer, CIT
Kevin Hegg, Assistant Director of Systems and R&D, CIT
Christina Updike, Visual Resources Specialist, SAAH
Grover Saunders, Web Media Developer, CIT
Grace Barth, SAAH
Sarah Cheverton, Director, CIT


Taking the "Repose" Out of Repository

Presentation given at VIVA/LAC Meeting at Bridgewater College on December 10, 2010.


Teaching with Technology = Teamwork

SECAC VRA affiliate session: “United We Stand: Forging Partnerships in Support of the Digital Classroom”
Chair: Jeannine Keefer, University of Richmond

“Teaching with Technology = Teamwork”
Corinne Diop and Christina Updike, James Madison University

Teaching with technology requires tools and support from many areas on a University campus. At James Madison University support can be drawn from the Center for Instructional Technology, the Center for Faculty Innovation, and the Visual Resources Center of the School of Art and Art History. Faculty have access to a wide range of technology in support of their curriculum. The Madison Digital Image Database (MDID 3) is a system for managing digital media collections and integrating those into the teaching and learning process, the Media Viewer is the presentation tool used in Technology Classrooms, JMUtube allows posting of licensed or self-produced videos, and Blackboard is a hub for course information and communication. A team of University staff works campus-wide developing the programs, providing technical training and support, and proactively researching what will be needed in the future. This paper will discuss how a partnership with visual resources staff and faculty can build the network of support necessary to teach with technology. Features of two online courses, the History of Photography and a Screen-based Photography/Video course, will be demonstrated as successful examples of the digital classroom.

Presentation Narrative

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Updated MDID3 Installation Instructions

Updated MDID3 installation instructions for Windows Servers are now available in the [ Installation] menu at the top of this page. Updated instructions for Ubuntu will follow soon.


MDID3 Status

To the MDID User Community:

Please note that the recently released version of MDID3 is a pre-production release and as such should NOT be used in a production environment. Our intention with this release is to give interested members of the MDID community a preview of how MDID3 will look and work. This version of MDID3 is not meant to replace MDID2 at this time. We are still actively developing important features; such as remote collection sharing, remote collection searching, presentation packaging, user management, streaming video, a desktop version of the ImageViewer, etc.
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