Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you are having difficulty finding open courses, here are a few suggestions:

    • Follow the classes you want on MyMadison (checking many times per day)
    • Many classes will open and close during “open registration” – be persistent
    • Contact the professor (it is better in person) to ask for an override
      • If it is a psychology course that you are trying to add, make sure to check off “add to waitlist” as the department has recently switched over to this system.
      • If it is not a psychology course that you are trying to add, check the department requirements for overrides
    • If the class is still closed when classes begin, go to the first class and ask the professor for an override
    • Mainly, be patient and persistent and pleasant – you will get the classes you need.
  • You can change your major at any time.  If you are changing to psychology, the Psychology Department admits students in January and July.  The medium for changing major is now directly on mymadison. Instructions for adding a major, minor or pre-professional program can be found here.

    More information about admission to the psychology major can be found here.

    If you do not have credit for PSYC 101 and MATH 220 (or equivalent), then these are the first classes that you will want to take.  You will also want to complete the Online Orientation/Application to the major.

  • If you have completed the Online Psychology Orientation, then you will be notified whether or not you are Fully Admitted to the major and eligible to take PSYC 210.  Click here for more info. 

     Dr. Apple, Head of the Psychology Department, will review grades after the semester’s end and notify candidates of their acceptance into the major.  At that point you may add PSYC 210 via MyMadison.   Please read the email carefully, as it will give you further information.

  • No! While going to graduate school is certainly an option, there are plenty of careers that you can pursue without graduate school. You can search for jobs on search engines.

    If you are considering going to graduate school, but do not want to go immediately, you can consider taking a year on. During this year you can work at a job or internship while you prepare for graduate school.

    Check out what our Peer Advising Alumni are doing on our alumni page.

  • Field Placement (Psyc 495) is a 4-credit capstone class. It includes 150 on-site hours, a weekly small group class meeting with the JMU instructor, and other features of capstone courses (oral presentations and an APA-style paper). Students apply for Field Placement during the first three weeks of the semester before they want to enroll. Students are selected on the basis of academic preparation, faculty recommendation, information in their application, and an interview. For more information, click here.

    If you would like to do field work earlier, you can take PSYC 202 – Introductory Field Work. This is a lower-level introductory experience that can be a 1-credit (40 hours), 2-credit (80 hours), or 3-credit (120 hours) course. Students work at selected agencies or in the JMU tutoring program for at-risk children. Each site has site specific academic requirements. Agency sites require an interview and selection process the semester before starting. For more information, click here.

  • If you have a professor who you would like to work with in mind, it’s best to go to your professor’s office hours or make an appointment with them to talk about their field of interest.

    If you are unsure where to begin, take a look at the open labs here or the Faculty Research Inventory.

  • Yes! You must obtain permission from the Office of Registrar regarding the course and then complete the “Permission to Take Courses for Transfer Credit” sheet. This sheet requires an approving signature from either the General Education program administrator or Department Head of the Major/Minor (depending on the content of the class).

    Once enrolled in classes at JMU, you can transfer only one course into any one cluster. You can transfer in a total of three General Education courses as long as they are in separate clusters.

  • For psychology courses, there are no official overrides, only the waitlist system via mymadison.

    For non-psychology courses, click here for departmental procedures.