Welcome to the digital home for The Power of Pulps: From the Newsstand to the Academy.

This exhibit was created by JMU Special Collections in conjunction with the Pulp Studies Symposium, held October 7-8th, 2016.


For more information on this exhibit, please visit:
>> The website for the 1st Annual Pulp Studies Symposium: Sensational Scholarship
>> An article on JMU’s Pulp Magazine Collection
>> JMU Libraries’ news release on the Pulp Studies Symposium

For more information on JMU’s general and special pulp magazine collections, please visit Dr. Brian Flota’s Pulp Magazines Subject Guide.

The physical exhibits on display in Carrier Library were primarily created by JMU Libraries MALA (Madison Academic Library Associates) graduate assistants Liana Bayne (English MA ’17) and Caroline Hamby (Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA ’18).

This WordPress site was created by JMU Digital Media Librarian Grace Barth. Special thanks to Christine Donovan, Liana Bayne, Caroline Hamby, and Digital Collections and Special Collections staff for their help in the creation of this site.