In order to explore the effects of urban renewal in Harrisonburg, we researched ways of representing photographs before and after urban renewal.  By dragging the slider on the images below, you will be able to see what existed before and after urban renewal in specific locations around Harrisonburg. The historical images to the left of the slider are part of the Madison Digital Image Database collection (requires JMU e-id to login). The contemporary photographs to the right are courtesy of Dr. David Ehrenpreis.

Around 500 N. Main St., Harrisonburg, VA, 1957:

130, 140, 150, 160 E. Gay, Harrisonburg, VA, 1957:

182, 184, 186, 190 E. Gay St., Harrisonburg, VA, 1957:

146, 120, E. Elizabeth St., Harrisonburg, VA, 1962:

Opposing Viewpoints

Projects R-4 and R-16 had many effects on Harrisonburg’s community. Read quotations from people for and against urban renewal: