This is the official logo for the large Shakespeare in Shenandoah project, encompassing both Dressing for Shakespeare and Students in Shakespeare.


Welcome to Shakespeare in Shenandoah, the digital home for materials from JMU Libraries’ Shakespeare in Shenandoah exhibits, designed by JMU Libraries’ Special Collections and Preservation departments that celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. These exhibits are on display in Carrier Library.

For more information on this exhibit, please visit:
>> JMU’s news release on the exhibits’ official kick-off and April 4, 2016 opening lecture
>> Special Collections’ blog post on the exhibits
>> JMU Libraries’ news release on the exhibits

For more information on the state-wide celebration of the Bard’s 400th, please visit the Virginia Shakespeare Initiative.

The physical exhibits on display in Carrier Library were primarily created by Special Collections’ graduate assistant Megan O’Neill (English MA ’17), Preservation’s student assistant Madison Whitesell (Art History BA ’17), and Preservation Officer Julia Merkel.

This WordPress site was created by JMU Libraries MALA (Madison Academic Library Associates) graduate assistants Liana Bayne (English MA ’17) and Caroline Hamby (Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA ’18).

Special thanks to our many mentors in Special Collections, Preservation, and CIT, without whom we could not have completed this project.